Monday, March 9, 2009

Save face AND cash: cheap recommended beauty buys

All this fuss about Olay's new Regenerist Micro-Sculpting cream (and don't tell me you haven't seen the ads) got me to thinking about how much we pay for beauty products - and how much we need to pay. Hope in a bottle generally doesn't come cheap, but sometimes we overlook really good products because they don't cost a bomb.
But I'm no expert at the beauty counter, so I got in touch with Katrina Lawrence at for her thoughts on the subject. Here's a sample of her list on where you can save - and where you really should spend - when it comes to beauty products (for more, go here).

*Cleanser: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is worth the hype.
*Acne products: Neutrogena offers some of the best skin-clearing products around, not to mention the most affordable.
*Moisturiser: Head straight for Nivea. The Oxygen Power Reviving Day Cream is a standout.
*Hair care: Don't go past Tresemme.
*Tanner: Palmer's Natural Bronze Tanning Moisturiser beats most big-priced tanners hands down.
*Makeup: Maybelline is not just a maybe.

Don't scrimp on anti-ageing products, foundation or hair colour (if you're planning to go lighter.)

It's a given that any budget requires sacrifice and prioritising. But savings in the beauty area are looking good, without sacrificing your good looks.

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